info page for 22MECC

This page contains information and documents of interest to attendees at the 2022 Midwest Environmental Compliance Conference, Sept. 13-14, in Kansas City, Missouri and by live stream.

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PowerPoint Slides are below (if you do not see a slide deck here that you want, the speaker has not provided it at this time):

Building Environmental Compliance Programs that Outlast the Great Resignation: Ken Yass

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Compliance Management Systems–A Demonstration: Tina Baker, Joe Tell

How ESG is Becoming the New Driver of Environmental Compliance: Tyler Marshall, Melissa Tiedemann

CSAPR: How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going: Minda Nelson, Emily Robbins

The Energy Revolution is Already Underway: Michael Alowitz, Jon Grosshans

How to Negotiate an Air Permit: Bryan Higgins, Roger Walker

HAPs 101: Emissions Calculations, Modeling, Permitting, and Regulatory Trends: Joe Stolle

PFAS Litigation: Its Future and Trends: Suzanne Galvin

Regulation by Litigation: Tom Grever, Dalton Mott

TRI–Why Accuracy is More Important Than Ever: Haley Ahlers

Disaster Planning: Pro-Action + Re-Action = Resiliency: Andy Rowland

Environmental Auditing/Self-Disclosures 101: Jennifer Hackman

Meeting Critical Demand for Critical Minerals: Jon Grosshans, Amber Steele, Chris Neaville, Jason Flower

EHS Information Management System Using MS SharePoint: Autumn Gentry, Joseph Kunes


Compliance and Enforcement Roundtable:  Brittany Barrientos, Leslie Humphrey, David Cozad, Sam Brown, Andrew Brought

Moving From Zero-Waste to a Circular Economy: Bharti Ujjani

Quick Reference Guide for RCRA Contingency Plans–Tips and Tricks: Taylor Wilson

Environmental Justice Panel Discussion: Alex Dunn, Jacob Westen, Ryan Russell Kemper, Pamela Houston, Roger Walker

Understanding the Macro Problem that is Microplastics: Tina Liu